DURANGO, Colorado—April 9, 2014 — The “nut like no other” just got a major makeover! Ricky’s Lucky Nuts introduces new website, new logo, new packaging and new flavors.

This little local brand from Durango, Colorado is poised to pop! Their mission: to give people a nut that’s so incredibly good, they prefer it to all other nuts. Ricky's Lucky Nuts is all about creating a unique snacking experience. And they stick to what they know: peanuts, because they do peanuts better than anybody.

Why do they call themselves the nut like no other? Company CEO and President, Paul Gelose answers, “Our process is truly unique. You might even say accidental. We dry-roast for starters which is pretty rare these days amongst flavored snack nuts, but that is not the magic. The magic is in how we roast that leaves all those little flavor crystals intact.” Instead of something candied or dusty, their process creates amazing little, flavor-packed nuggets that make the mouth go “Wow!”

“Our fans inspired us to go big. We have been selling our peanuts to a loyal following in and around Colorado for years. In 2013 we were approached by a Capital Fund that saw the promise in Ricky’s Lucky Nuts. With our new partners, we have the opportunity to take Ricky’s nationwide,” says Gelose.

The current lineup: Real Coffee, Spicy Chile Chipotle, Black Pepper & Sea Salt, Sweet Chai and Thai Red Curry. All flavors are sold in 1.75 ounce grab-n-go bags packed 12 to a case. Not only are they delicious and frankly, a little addictive, Ricky’s Lucky Nuts are all natural and a healthy snack choice. Peanuts are naturally high in fiber, protein, healthy fats and a host of vitamins and minerals. They only add cane sugar, salt and pure spices to perfect the peanut. “We make our peanuts using ingredients you could find in your kitchen cupboard. If we can’t pronounce it, it does not belong in our products,” says Gelose. And Ricky’s Lucky Nuts are GMO-free.

Ricky’s Lucky Nuts isn’t just producing another packaged snack product, but rather a snack nut that is truly “a nut like no other.” All-natural and healthy, these nuts create a memorable taste experience from honest, unadulterated ingredients and are Made in the USA from US-grown peanuts.

Product Availability

New orders are coming in daily and the company will soon have a store locator up to date on their website. Ricky’s are also available online at www.rickysluckynuts.com. Interested distributors and retailers should contact Ricky’s Lucky Nuts at (888) 756-6887. For more information contact Carolyn at 970-382-2264 or cbl@rickysluckynuts.com