A few nice things folks are saying about Ricky's Lucky Nuts:

I have been trying to find a location where your nuts are sold in New York City. they are really amazing!!! And I usually don't even like peanuts!! I really love your peanuts, I am quite particular about my food products and the flavors are quite unusual and delicious.  - Shary W.

 I was trying to find where I can buy your peanuts. I was given a small 2 ounce bag when I was on vacation and loved them and now I want to try the other kinds and get more! Is there a retail store somewhere in Salt Lake City, Utah?    -Jason S.

 Hi, I live in the 06604 zip code. Any retail locations near me? I rec'd a package as a gift and they were AMAZINGLY GOOOD. I need more.

- Kimberly M.

 A friend gave us a bag of your spicy chile chipotle peanuts in a Christmas basket. My wife and I are now addicted. Both of us use chipotle in cooking. Where in Durango can I find your chipotle nuts?  - John H.

 Hey, just a note to say I've tried your flavors! Chipotle is my favorite, but they are all really good. You're a hit in the high country of Summit County - people should go nuts over the great tastes you've created.  - Jane T.


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