At Ricky's Lucky Nuts, our philosophy as a nut company is not to produce just another packaged snack product, but to make a flavored peanut that is truly "a nut like no other." This is why our roasted nuts are all-natural and healthy with no artificial ingredients of any kind—specialty nuts that create a memorable taste experience from honest, unadulterated ingredients. If we cannot pronounce an ingredient, we don't want it! In fact, we urge you to take a peek at our ingredients list to see how we utilize many of the same items you would find in your own kitchen cupboard. Plus, our sweet and salty nuts are GMO-free.


As a nut company with a conscience, we work with local and regional businesses to source many of our goods and services. This allows us to support local economies and reduce our carbon footprint through reduced transportation distances. Ricky's Lucky Nuts is a Colorado company, but unfortunately the beautiful mountain region of our state is not suitable for growing peanuts. Thankfully, our friends and neighbors down in Texas do—giving us the option of purchasing our peanuts from a grower as close to the source as possible.


Keeping in line with our dedication to environmental responsibility, all aspects of our flavored nut packaging is made in the USA—from film to chipboard and corrugate. The film is PVC-free and the chipboard is also created from recycled paperboard. Even our corrugated cardboard supplier stands behind our dedication to green living—their product is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) program and recyclable.


We want to sell great-tasting nuts online, but we want to do so in a conscionable manner. In addition to helping the environment, we also like to support communities. Thus, we regularly give away our specialty nuts to fundraising events for all kinds of worthy causes. It's good for us and good for the organizations we support—education, health, the environment, civic groups, our troops, and many other people who are doing good out in the world.